Rental lifts are used to transport heavy items in or out of a building with the help of a pneumatic piston.

Safety Tips

Rental lifts are an essential part of any construction site. They allow workers to operate heavy machinery and lift loads without risking their health or safety. However, safety precautions must be taken before using a rental or electric scissor lift to ensure the best experience possible. This article will discuss a few tips on safely operating rental lifts.

This is one of the most common mistakes people unfamiliar with lifts make. It can result in serious injury and property damage. Before using an electric scissor lift for the first time, a person should check the lifting capacity of the unit. This is equally important to know how to use lifts. If a load can’t be secured, it cannot be lifted properly. 

controlling a lift

Securing something using ratchet straps and hooks will ensure the load stays in place and does not shift during lifting or transport. Most lifts can traverse some level ground, but that doesn’t mean it is worth the risk. If the ground is slippery, uneven, or not sturdy enough, do not attempt to transport a lift across it. No matter which equipment is used, wearing an appropriate uniform will ensure the safest possible experience.


A common question about lifts is whether or not they can be used for something other than their intended use. Remember that when renting equipment, you are renting it solely for lifting heavy items and transporting them. On top of that, some devices may already be rented ahead of time and cannot be used for anything other than their intended function.

Lifts are complicated machinery and are generally dangerous to use if left unattended or improperly fixed. Any damage done to a lift should be immediately reported to your rental company or lift dealer so they can determine the problem and repair it. Don’t try to fix it yourself, and never attempt to use a lift that has been damaged.


Always be sure of the movements before you begin operating equipment, and always ask your rental company if you are unsure. Lift controls will vary from device to device, 

Transporting Loads

Remember how far it can go when transporting loads; never use it beyond its capabilities. When using lifts for construction purposes, it is important to know the limits.


But most lifts have some sort of lever to control the height and direction.  Keep them straight at all times to prevent these situations from arising.

Fingers Straight

Lifts can be dangerous if your fingers get caught between the wheels or if you accidentally grip onto the machine. This can cause serious injury to your hands or cause a sudden fall.

Lifts are handy for various tasks, but it is always important to use them safely. From operating them to maintaining them, many things must be adhered to achieve this.

Intended Purpose


Following the manufacturer’s safety instructions and tips can help prevent accidents and injuries and keep you and your equipment safe at all times.